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Yachal is the leading unit in Israel for locating missing persons.
Teams of dogs with search dogs, rescue dogs or body dogs are sent to assist and manage the command post in search of missing persons, who receive daily calls from families of missing persons, police stations, fire stations, the army and other rescue units.
Security and Security:
The General Staff of the Israel Kennel Unit is breeding and protecting dogs in settlements in Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem, the Negev and the Galilee. These protective dogs are sold or delivered in subsidized amounts - tour dogs for patrols or defensive dogs for families living in exposed spots on the border of the communities in which they live. YEC also provides courses, seminars, workshops and training as a service to the general public to teach proper operation and maintenance of dogs.
Growing and Training Dogs:
As part of its activity, the dog handler treats dozens of dogs in its kennels and conducts a project of breeding, littering and raising the next generation of working dogs in Israel. The dogs brought from Europe and other places have puppies that enter the course of puppy education and continue the blood line of the best working dogs in Israel.
Of course, these dogs undergo a trajectory of training. The courses are open to the general public.
Protection dogs for families and people with disabilities:
The protection dogs given by the Israeli dog handler to the families and to the defense establishment in the settlements are sometimes the first and last line of defense of the settlements or of the families living on the border of their settlements. These dogs have prevented numerous attacks and complement any defensive system existing in the settlement, whether there is a fence, sensors and cameras.
After a suspicious movement is detected, a dog handler can be called to locate the terrorist. The sophisticated fence, with sensors and even with the army's desperate despair, is not enough, as we have seen, in the case of the massacre of the Pogil family, and many others, with sophisticated night vision after receiving a message about touching the fence and not locating the terrorist Which is hiding not far away, has moved the area where a suspicious movement has been discovered before, and the terrorist continues to carry out the attack, heaven forbid.
Of course touring with a dog that proactively neutralizes can prevent penetration even earlier.
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The rescue unit in the unit conducts training with search dogs, rescue units and bodies almost every day.
The Defense Department conducts training at least once a week in the centers near Gush Etzion and Kfar Tapuah. Members of the unit and people who received dogs from the unit meet to learn how to properly control the dog, proper maintenance and how to operate the dog in order to keep the owner of the dog and the settlement.
The college brings a very professional trainer to a round between the centers and the settlements with dogs for further training every week.
Courses and Seminars:
The College flies international experts to the field of dog training and invites its members and the general public to learn the subject of dog training from these experts.
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Since the college recruits volunteers and apprentices from all over the world, who come to Israel as part of the kennel unit, the college operates a Hebrew language ulpan. The ulpan is unique in that it combines Torah study with Hebrew learning - learning the roots of the words in order to create a tangible picture of the learned words. It is written that the Creator of the world looked at the Torah and created the world. Each tag, letter and word form and idea linking to the concept and interpretation of the word.
In addition, some of the trainees continue to be active in the unit after they have enlisted in the army and continue to live in the college dormitories, and these lone soldiers continue to assist in the search for missing persons in their spare time from the army and receive a warm home in the dormitories of the college. .
This studio also serves youth at risk who undergo an enrichment program that sometimes includes the ulpan, in addition to being trained as boys. These boys are engaged in the sacred task of saving lives with the dogs.

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