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I.D.U. Goals​

The Israel Yachting Unit has set its main goal of saving lives by means of special work dogs, but not only with dogs, but also with scuba divers, divers, boats, etc. YAC operates in two main areas: As the leading unit in Israel in locating missing persons, and in the area of ​​security with dogs - the delivery or sale of dogs in subsidized amounts - tour dogs for patrols in villages or protective dogs for families living in exposed spots on the border of the communities in which they live. As a service to the general public to teach proper operation and maintenance of dogs.
The Israel Defense Forces has about 200 volunteers throughout the country, 75 protective dogs stationed in settlements in Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem, the Galilee and the Negev, and about 25 rescue dogs, probes and even corpses.
YKAL operates kennels and boarding schools in Kfar Tapuah - the Magen Eretz Israel College for the teaching of the profession of kennels, rescue and rescue, as well as volunteers in patrols for the protection of children and other relevant professions related to rescue, rescue and protection. Some of the trainees combine their activities as part of the unit together with the completion of matriculation exams, Torah study or academic studies. Some of the students are new immigrants who join the IDF, who stay in the Yachal dormitories even during their army service and even take part in the unit's activities during vacations and army regularities.
The IDF also operates a branch in Efrat with dogs headed by Micha and Nava Katz, and students from a pre-military preparatory course in the region participate in courses for dogs and volunteers as part of their activities with the branch in Efrat.
YEC operates another branch in Sde Bar-Nokdim, managed by the Yavin Foundation and its family.
In addition, JAC has managed to prevent many terrorist attacks and infiltrations into the settlements and to help the security forces capture terrorists.

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