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The Israel Kidney Unit, the Galilee and Jordan Valley, under the command of Craig Sher, invites you to the "Missing and Founding"

A special and moving meeting in which the families of the missing will participate together with the rescue forces who conducted the search to locate their relatives
09.07.17 On Sunday, the 15th of Tammuz 5767 - at Kibbutz Lavi
Dog show at 18.00 The beginning of the conference - 18.30
Light snacks will be served
- Drawing lessons from searches to optimize future searches.
- Awarding certificates of recognition to relatives and forces who excelled in searches.
With an emphasis on the search for Anatoly Huldenko, Victor Yair, Shalom Dahan, Shaul Ibata, Amir, Afikim, Afik
It is mandatory to register in advance (the members of the General Staff and media representatives are asked to register in advance.) There are not many places left
Spokesman for the General Staff - Aharon Streicher - 0537015867 or the principal 0544876709
Please register by e-mail to​

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