About Us


The Israel Dog Unit was founded in 2001, with the hope of providing a realistic and reliable solution to terrorist activity against Israel's rural communities and facilitating the placement of the many volunteers who wished to help fellow citizens in danger. With a growing network of volunteers in Israel and wholehearted support from communities around the world, the IDU was able to train and place canine teams in threatened communities throughout Israel, joining the government's security forces in forestalling terrorist action and restoring peace to the land. 


With the waning of hostilities after the end of the Second Intifada, it was decided that rather than disband, the IDU would maintain its base in the Samaria and expand its horizons to encompass other emergencies instead of focusing exclusively on counter-terror operations. Professionally trained rescue dogs were imported from Europe, and the IDU rapidly became a household name in Israel's search and rescue community. 


 Both the security and rescue divisions have continued to function ever since, responding to different incidents as needed throughout Israel. Both divisions have actively pursued the development of new means and methods of carrying out operations. Other departments have been added, including an aerial operations department, public relations office, and a digital affairs department to keep the IDU on the leading edge of its field. A staff of experts in several fields has been incorporated as well, donating their considerable expertise to help us save lives. 


The IDU has been privileged to develop a close operational relationship with many other emergency response organizations in Israel, including the IDF, Israel Police, Magen David Adom, and United Hatzalah, working together to make Israel safer and more secure for everyone. 

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