The Israel Dog Unit has set for itself three primary goals, reflected by the Hebrew words on our crest. Each one is a world unto itself of theory, practice, experience, and innovation, and represents something that we believe to be what our Sages describe as a 'deed that cannot be left for others'  and so is incumbent upon us, individually and as a unit. 



It is our goal as a unit to provide an intensive and encompassing response to any search-and-rescue operation to which we respond, using years of experience and the best technology and techniques available to find and safely recover people who find themselves unable to extricate themselves from a state of distress' working with official forces, civilian organizations, and local volunteers to effect their safe return in the shortest possible time. 



Since the IDU's inception, it has understood its obligation to help defend the people and territory of Israel whenever it can. We make it our goal to stand firm against those who would harm Israelis, using our unique blend of skills and equipment to create a security solution that is both sustainable on its own and able to seamlessly integrate with any of Israel's official security services, from protecting a single household to standing guard over an entire town. 


Locating the Missing 

Regrettably, there are times when our rescue or security efforts are too late to help. The IDU does not shrink from such cases; to the contrary, we make it our goal to find the victims and bring them to their final resting  place in a sensitive and dignified manner. We view it as both an enormous privilege and incredible responsibility to be able to help the deceased and their families in such a difficult time. 

יחידת הכלבנים