About Us


The ​Israel Dog Unit's eponymous working dogs are selected from the shepherd breeds favored by emergency services, law enforcement, rescue teams, and special forces throughout the world.  These include the German, Dutch, and Belgian shepherds, as well as the Malinois variant, all of which are prized as working dogs for their intelligence, agility, amicable nature, and exceptional desire to learn and perform. 


Our dogs are sourced from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are purchased from dedicated kennels in Europe, known for providing the highest quality working dogs in the world. Some have been born and raised in our own kennels or were brought into the unit by volunteers who joined us hoping to train their own dogs. On rare occasions, we recruit dogs from Israel's public by sending one of our kennel staff to inspect and evaluate dogs that have been offered to us for adoption. Only a few make it through the process, but those that do will have a chance to become part of Israel's leading canine response unit. 


Once accepted into the IDU kennel, the dogs are carefully tested to determine which specialty they will be most suited for, and assigned a trainer who will lead them through our curriculum from start to finish. The trainer provides the companionship and discipline that these breeds of dog enjoy and builds an emotional connection with the dog that will ensure each dog is always eager to give its very best effort during exercises and operations. 


When a dog is for any reason unable to continue its operational service with the IDU, we seek out a loving home to which the dog may be sent for a long and happy retirement after many years of hard work and jobs well done. 

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