:Human or dog, there's always something to learn in the Israel Dog Unit. Here's a peek

 Discipline Training​

Dogs work best when accompanied and directed by a human with whom they have developed a strong emotional bond. We facilitate this by assigning particular volunteers to each dog and having them work one-on-one with the dog in the training area on our base, giving the dog basic directions and getting the dog used to paying attention to 'their' human and following instructions quickly and correctly. 


Skill Training 

A disciplined dog is fun to have around, but our dogs need to learn more than just tricks - they must also have the specific abilities required in their chosen specialty, such as searching an area, finding remains, or attacking a  terrorist regardless of blows or attempts to flee. Our trainers lead their dogs through a number of carefully developed drills designed to combine the natural qualities of our favored breeds with the scientific advances in the field of working dogs to take a dog from an untrained puppy to a highly competent and reliable teammate that can execute its assignment in  day or night, rain or shine, indoors and out, across almost

any terrain. 



We work with our extensive network of volunteers and strategic partners in other emergency services to create highly realistic situations that allow both dogs and volunteers to put their skills to the test in conditions that mimic genuine incidents. These provide us a wealth of information both on the reliability of our responders and the effectiveness of our training, allowing for important adjustments in the future. 


Courses and Seminars

The IDU's network includes world-class experts in a variety of highly practical fields. We make these available not only to our own volunteers but to other responders and the general public, in the hopes of giving everyone some of the skills they will need in an emergency. 

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