The Israel Dog Unit has its roots in the struggle to defend Israeli citizens from the terrorist activity that has so often plagued our country, a legacy still very much alive today. Volunteers who demonstrate the appropriate aptitude and qualifications can join the IDU's tactical teams and become the very front line of defending the most vulnerable parts of Israel against nightly threats in a variety of ways.


 Settlement Patrol​

Smaller towns and farms in Israel, particularly in the Judea and Samaria regions, lie far from the main bulk of governmental armed responders and cannot rely on them to properly patrol their area or defend them against an attack. In situations like these, a well-trained working dog and dedicated handler on patrol become a detection device, active deterrent system, and, at need, a deadly piece of defensive ordnance, all for far less than electronic countermeasures would cost. 


Home Defense

It is the unfortunate reality of some of Israel's most prestigious cities that there are neighborhoods susceptible to both criminal and terrorist activity. IDU volunteers deploy to these neighborhoods - after careful coordination with law enforcement and community leaders - to protect public areas and buildings during times of civil unrest. 


Agricultural Terror

More than one Israeli farmer has lost tens of thousands of shekel in land, livestock, crops, or equipment to theft and arson. The IDU works with the IDF Israel Police, and fire services to track down stolen livestock, stop brushfires and firebombings, and quell mass disturbances that threaten to overrun Israeli farms. 

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