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Volunteer tracks​

Internal volunteers
It is clear that people who want to learn the profession of kennels and participate in training and performing the best option are to live on the campus of the kennel in Kfar Tapuah and register as a "face volunteer." This track is recommended for young people between the ages of 16 and 24. And new immigrants between the ages of 17 and 32.
YKAL operates kennels and boarding schools in Kfar Tapuah - the Magen Eretz Israel College for the teaching of the profession of kennels, rescue and rescue, and includes training in kennels, other relevant professions related to rescue, rescue and defense. Sitting.
The possibility of completing a matriculation certificate, or integrating with academic or religious studies
Some of the trainees combine the activities within the framework of the unit together with completion of matriculation exams, Torah study or academic studies. In YAC's dormitories live together new immigrants with native-born Israelis.
New immigrants and single soldiers before and after the army
Some of the students are new immigrants who join the IDF, who stay in the Yachad dormitories even while they serve in the IDF and participate in the unit's activities during vacations and army recruits.
External volunteers
The routes for foreign volunteers can be suitable for many who are unable to relocate and live in Kfar Tapuach and those who can not devote most of the week to the unit. These props are suitable for people who want to devote time to the unit several times a week for a few hours or even a day or two of the month for the unit's activity. And these roles and tasks are possible:
With a dog:
Access to courses in Tapuach, Efrat or other places and undertake to volunteer a few days a month on guard or rescue missions with the dog.
Other types of volunteering:
Volunteer in the dogs in Tapuah, Sde Bar or Efrat by taking trips and treatments with the dogs on site or helping with dog training as a "game" (the missing object), cleaning the pens,
Office assistance such as typing, editing, preparing mail, telephone and other administrative work in an office in Tapuach.
Work from your computer such as missing image distribution, publishing sites of the unit, etc.
Raising funds - helping to sign standing orders and the like.
Search Help - come as a seeker with or without a dog
Help with ad serving and flyers - Help while searching for ad serving. And helped distribute leaflets and information material to the unit to recruit donors and volunteers.
Help documentation for searches, training, and events with a camera

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