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Volunteer tracks​

Our volunteers are a microcosm of Israel's kaleidoscopic culture, with nearly every demographic represented to at least some extent. We believe that anyone can save a life, regardless of their background, and work with them to give them the training and opportunity to prove it, with multiple volunteering tracks available to let everyone choose the experience that is right for them.  


To volunteer in the Israel Dog Unit, click here


Volunteer at the IDU Base  


Located in the heart of the Samaria region of Israel, the Israel Dog Unit base hosts a volunteer staff that cares for the daily maintenance of all the IDU's equipment and is on continual alert for rapid deployment to any emergency.


This is the most intensive volunteering option available, offering volunteers the chance to work closely with Israel's emergency services and security forces, learn a variety of specialist skill sets from world-class experts, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of a fully operational emergency response unit. It is highly recommended as a supplement to Yeshiva studies, military service, or a way for new immigrants to begin their lives in Israel. 

Volunteer for IDU Activities 
Volunteers who do not want to live on the IDU base can still sign up for any of our many professional courses, join our operational teams, or participate in community outreach and exhibitions. These volunteers form a network of responders throughout Israel that allows the IDU to be first on the scene for any incident. This option is suitable for those with regular family or professional obligations. 
Administrative Volunteers
 It takes more than just teams in the field to keep an organization like the IDU running smoothly. Volunteers are needed for managerial tasks such as taking calls, processing emails, distributing promotional literature, and more. Many of these tasks can be done online or by phone, making this the perfect option for those who want to give to the unit, but have limited time or ability to travel. 

Professional Volunteers
 The IDU's staff of professionals gives our volunteers the knowledge and training they need to operate above and beyond the level of much larger organizations. World-class experts in dog training, unarmed combat, drone operations, computer science, automotive mechanics and more all put their skills to work for the IDU. If you have a skill set you would like to share with the volunteers or can put to use to further the IDU's cause, this is the track for you. 

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