The Israel Dog Unit is entirely supported by our community, with neither government nor corporate sponsorship. We view this as a serious matter and feel obligated to give back however we can. 



IDU teams are regularly requested to display our dogs' many different capabilities to a variety of audiences,. Each exhibition can be tailored to the particular venue available to the body organizing the event and can include performances that highlight search and rescue, security work, scent detection, and the exceptional discipline with which we instill our dogs. After the performance, spectators can view and interact with the dogs in a more hands-on setting, as well as hearing about the dog's

specialty directly from its handler. 



 The IDU base in Samaria is a regular destination for tour groups looking to see the parts of Israel that you don't see on the news. Groups can view the base in operation and get to experience the full range of our activities and capabilities, and even participate in some of our training exercises. Visitors can see and meet all of our dogs, hear about our most impressive operations directly from the unit commander and senior volunteers, and view our gallery of more than twenty years of achievements. 


Yeshivat Avinoam

Our base is in close proximity to the Hesder Yeshiva Avinoam and offers the students a chance to take part in our emergency response efforts in connection with their Torah study. This is an excellent opportunity for students to pick up critical background knowledge for their imminent military service, or to put what they have learned while enlisted to good use after they are discharged. This serves as an important enrichment for the Yeshiva's curriculum  and allows the students to have a hand in life-saving operations without requiring them to quit their academic or religious pursuits. 


Please note that these initiatives are avilable only by prior arrangement with IDU management. Please call 054487670-

יחידת הכלבנים