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The IDU (Israel Dog Unit) presented the issue of missing persons at the ISDEF international defense and technology expo in Tel Aviv, earning itself the distinction of being the only nonprofit organization to be holding an exhibition at the largest such event in Israel. 


Thousands of guests and hundreds of delegations from around the world learned about the issue of missing persons in Israel from IDU volunteers at the ISDEF exhibition. IDU volunteers displayed photos of open cases and shared the tools and techniques employed in attempts to locate each one.


Alongside the case files, the IDU presented its proprietary incident management application and demonstrated the incredible capacity of its highly-trained security dogs to neutralize attackers.


Many delegations from Europe and Africa have expressed interest in the IDU's incident management software or requested the IDU's assistance in establishing canine emergency response units in their own countries.  The exhibition greatly strengthened the IDU's professional network and brought it significant recognition on an international scale. 

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